Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Appointment with exercise coach cancelled - I'm annoyed

I just got a call from the state employees' health center. My appointment with the exercise coach, scheduled for next week, has been cancelled. The only alternative now is a consultation over the phone. What kind of phoney baloney is that! I want to see a real live person so that I can ask them lots of questions and get answers that are easy for me to understand.

I wanted specific guidance on how best to use the new latex resistance exercise bands I have. If I wanted just generic advice, I can get that from YouTube and the rest of the Internet.  Well, I'm not going to let that stop me. I already have the bands, and I also have a couple of 1 gallon jugs (which used to have Arizona tea in them, sugar-free, of course), filled with water and weighing 8.6 lbs each. So, I can start working on a daily strength-building regime. As an experiment, I filled the jugs with dry sand to see how much they weighed - 12.2 lbs each. When my now self-devised weightlifting program calls for it in the future, I can add water to the dry sand and probably reach 15 or 16 lbs.

The idea would be to add an extra dimension to my exercise program. Walking and swimming are good, but I feel like I need to have some muscle building and shaping too.

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