Thursday, June 15, 2017

Turning the ship around - 249 (again)

Like a hulking great oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico, making a slow and steady about-turn, I've had about three weeks of concerted effort to get myself back on track in terms of losing weight.
Broke through the 250 lb barrier again

After bouncing between 250 lbs and 260 lbs for a while, I weighed in at 249.6 lbs (113.2 kg) this morning. I'm sure it helps that we're at the perfect time of year to make headway: seasonal salad ingredients (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions) are plentiful and cheap. The long, light days and the warmer weather enable people to enjoy the outdoors more. Opportunities for walking, hiking, backpacking, cycling and so forth abound.

Last week I did another hike up to Lava Lake and stayed overnight. It was on a Wednesday (i.e. not a holiday or a weekend) so there weren't many other people up there (nor even any bears or mountain lions or goats). The solitude and peacefulness did allow me to think and ponder about big goals for the coming years. I REALLY want to conquer my "unfinished business" on the Pacific Crest Trail in southern Oregon and finally get to see Crater Lake in person, so that will be happening in 2018 - probably in late June.