Sunday, November 08, 2015

Alternatives for flavoring water without Aspartame

Water flavor enhancers
After reading some more about the safety (or not) of Aspartame, I've decided to get rid of all the products in my apartment that contain it. The two things left were sugar-free chewing gum (more on that later) and water flavor enhancers.

Filtered water with lemon slices
I'm not opposed to drinking plain water but it's easier, sometimes, to drink it when it has some flavoring added. I still have to experiment with cold brewed teas. In the meantime, I will be trying out simple sliced lemon. It's not that my tap water at home tastes bad. I would just like some variety. I currently filter my tap water in a jug in the fridge but it's really only to get rid of the chlorine smell.

If you have any good recipes for flavoring water, please share them with me. If I get enough, I'll create a new web page with those recipes so that everyone can enjoy them. Happy hydrating!


Ann said...

I have used peppermint essential oil to flavor my water. Just one or two drops in a water bottle is plenty of flavoring. It also can help with GI or stomach upset. You just have to research the essential oil brand to ensure it's safe for consumption. I am comfortable using the Wyndmere brand sold at the Real Food Store.

Chris said...

Great idea! I'll have to look into other edible/drinkable essential oils. There seems to be some concern about the safety of drinking essential oils though. A further post on this subject will follow. Thanks.