Monday, January 18, 2016

A couple of rough days, back on track now

A couple of rough days

Last week was very tough at work. A long-running problem turned even worse, and became very stressful. On Thursday and Friday evenings, when I came home, I was starving (like, a lot more than normal). Instead of sticking to my healthy eating plan, which I had followed in the morning for breakfast and at lunchtime, I just dived straight into the first thing that was readily available; and I kept eating, and kept eating, even when I knew (in my head) that I wasn't hungry any more. What I was eating wasn't intrinsically bad food, but I was just eating WAY too much of it, and I felt almost powerless to stop myself. As a result there was a steep upward tick in my weight.

It was really a little bit depressing. I don't really know if it was work-related, or what the problem was. Maybe my body is telling me I'm missing a key nutrient (I've heard, for example, that some anemic people have cravings for red meat)? I totally skipped writing anything in my new food journal for those two days. I'm not going to go back and try to recreate them. I'll just write a comment that says "bad days" and move on to today's entries.

Back on track now

I went to the health center this morning to get some blood tests done and to check in with them. I'll get the results of those tests in a couple of days. The main one for me, obviously, is my weight.
332.2 lbs this morning
After peaking at 428 lbs back in June 2014, I was down to 405 by mid-June of 2015. Since then I've been able to sustain about 10-12 lbs of weight loss a month, with just a small blips in October last year. After my two days of ... insecurity at the end of last week, I'm back on track. 332.2 lbs is the lowest I've been in about three years.

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