Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Where are the photos?

I keep meaning to post photos from my recent excursions, and then I forget. Also, I've been asked if I'll post "before and after" photos of when I first started on this journey and now. So, without further ado:
Snowshoeing in Hyalite Canyon
near Bozeman, MT - New Year's Eve 2016
I'd never been snowshoeing before. In the past I've always intensely disliked the snow, but this season I'm learning to embrace it. I'm looking forward to giving it another go soon.
Hiking near Lake McDonald in GNP - early Dec 2016
No snowshoes for this one, but I was very glad to have been wearing my ice traction cleats.

And, now, a couple of before-and-after shots:
31 months and 188 pounds difference
Looking and feeling so much better now, but aware that I still have a few months to go until I reach my goal.
I'm NEVER going back to the 'old' me!

243 - My 'marker' for the start of 2017

This is going to be the year of breakthroughs and more victories. After a fantastic New Year's Eve weekend, 2017 has started with a bang.
243.0 lbs (110.2 kg)

Two key words for this year: "Mindfulness" and "Purposefully". The ongoing changes; the low carb diet and the increased exercise and activity regimens will continue. New activities will be added. New partners in the journey of life will join me (well, one anyway!)

And, that brings up the third new key word for the year: "Inspirer", one who inspires others. Having surpassed the halfway point of my own metamorphosis or transformation, I feel like I want to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. I want others to feel the benefits of losing weight, eating nutritious meals prepared mindfully and with love. Wouldn't it be great to HAVE TO buy new clothes because the old ones are far too big and baggy? That was my position a few months ago, and I'm there again now. I can tell you, when you've had to wear clown pants (sweatpants with a 60" waist) for so long, to fit into a 40" waist fashionable pair is a FANTASTIC feeling!

Here's the important thing: IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN ANYONE if they are motivated enough. Honestly, I'm not Superman. I don't have a red cape and a big 'S' on my chest. I'm just a 50 year old guy who is willing to do what it takes to reach my goal.