Sunday, January 03, 2016

First post-holiday visit to the gym

With Christmas and the New Year holidays out of the way now, today was my first visit to the gym in two weeks. I managed a whole hour of walking (2.25 miles) and half an hour's worth of swimming, which felt great. 
2.25 miles (3.6 km) in one hour
I'm scheduled to go at least two more times this week, more if I can manage it. 

The last couple of times I was at the gym, I was watching a movie while I walked. This time I was listening to one of my Audible audio books. I figured I'd try that, since I have so little time for reading, normally. It was pretty good. I'm listening to "Einstein: His Life and Universe" by Walter Isaacson. The whole thing is 21+ hours long, so it'll be good for a couple of weeks, at least.

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