Sunday, January 10, 2016

337 lbs - a disappointing week, but tomorrow is a new day!

Well, that was a disappointing week in the end. After walking 50,000 steps in the week (counting from last Sunday to yesterday) I actually GAINED three pounds! I know what did it. My usual problem lately - overeating. I'm sure I've got the composition of my diet mostly correct, I am still prone to simply eating too much. I did so well over the recent holidays, mostly avoiding the temptation to eat to excess. There were too many time in the last week when I know I didn't stop when I felt full, and carried on putting food in my mouth when my stomach was saying, "You can stop now!"

I know that this technique works. Health professionals recommend it all the time, and for a good reason. I shall start to keep a written food journal (not published and not online, but an actual handwritten diary). I will use it to record not only what I eat but also any comments about the time of day and how I feel about it, and any other relevant notes. The discipline of having to account (to myself) for everything I eat will force me to eat less. I will also be able to go back, after I've weighed myself, and see if I can actually spot patterns when I lose or gain weight. Are potatoes really evil? Is a low carb diet really the answer? Does increasing the amount of fiber have any effect? At the moment I have no way to tell but, in the future, I will be able to go back and find out.

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