Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Milestones falling, slowly but surely

339.6 lbs (154 kg)
After a few ups and downs, I finally managed to break through the 340 lb barrier (just) this morning. It hasn't been easy, with birthdays and holidays, and everybody overeating at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I tipped the scales at 339.6 lbs (154 kg).

Just for kicks, I decided to measure my waist circumference today too. I have actually lost an inch in the last month or two. It's difficult to tell exactly, because today was the first time I was able to measure in inches instead of feet! (Not really; well, almost). I've told people before, it doesn't matter that it's only an inch at a time. If I repeat the feat a dozen times I'll have lost 12 inches! If I only lose 10 lbs a month, it's okay. I just have to repeat it for another 16 months and I'll be back to normal. OMG, I haven't been "normal" since my mid-20s.

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