Sunday, November 06, 2016

263 - LOTS of changes, hopefully things will settle down again soon

Wow! In the last three weeks a lot has happened. After leaving my desk-bound job in Helena and moving to Sidney, MT, ostensibly to get remarried, I am now in my "spiritual home" of Missoula, MT. The wedding is not taking place now. So, it's back to the original plan.

I'm in a place now where I can weigh myself accurately again, after not being able to do so for a while, and I was pleasantly surprised.
262.8 lb (119.2 kg)
After six weeks of tremendously increased physical activity, and increased intake of food generally and carbs specifically, I tipped the scales at under 263 pounds! Last Thursday morning, when I was staying at a friend's house overnight on my way to my new home, I got to see myself naked in a full-length mirror for the first time in ages. Not just my head, or my upper body, but a full length view of all the loose skin and (still a little bit of) fat. At the same time, I was both pleased (at having lost 142 lbs in 17 months) and horrified (at the sight of so much loose skin, especially around my belly).

I make jokes now about turning over in bed at night, where I sleep on my side, and my body has already made the turn, but my belly follows two seconds later, like a floppy Jell-O pudding. Having bought some 48" waist pants (trousers) a couple of months ago, I recently had to buy a couple with a 46" waist, because the original ones were too large now. I even had to buy a belt, because the smaller ones are getting too big now!

I'd like to take a moment to thank Loren Kutzler, Theresa Johnson and the rest of the team at Reynolds Market in Sidney, MT, for their support and encouragement. That "Be Foxy" jingle will be stuck in my head for years! It was a huge step down in wages from my old job but, as I told people, sometimes there are more important things in life than money. Working at a grocery store; rounding up carts, bagging groceries, putting out new stock (with all the heavy lifting and carrying that that entails), helping to build endcaps, plus a bit of cashiering, all led to me regularly walking 10 miles a day, especially on the two days a week when I was separately delivering newspapers. The irregular hours didn't help with the diet but I certainly got a good workout.

I also want to say Thank You to my ex-fiancée, Scarlet, for her fashion advice and sense of stylishness. Thanks to her, I now have a new wardrobe of clothing that fits much better and makes me look good.

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