Friday, March 16, 2018

258 - A little bounce and a few winter hikes

After briefly bouncing up to 261 lbs, I managed to get myself back down to 258.0 lbs (117 kg) this morning. I'd had a bad day emotionally (unusual for me) on Tuesday and had resorted to some unwelcome comfort eating. By Wednesday, I was feeling better again and back on the wagon.

On Mount Sentinal in Missoula, at the foot of the 'M'
Spurred on by one of my customers at work who had asked me if I had climbed to the 'M' on Mount Sentinel in the previous week (because I'd told him I would - but I hadn't), I had to climb it on Wednesday morning. The conditions were perfect. It was cool enough that I didn't overheat and yet warm enough for the few patches of remaining ice to be relatively small. If it had been any warmer, the mud would have made for slow going. There were few other people out on the trail.

The journey up and back down again was a great time to clear my head and think about some of the things that have been bothering me lately. One conclusion I came to: it's time to "let go" of certain things, whether they are old possessions that I no longer need or previous relationships that I am clinging on to. I had a vision, this evening, of having my hands full, and someone giving me more to hold on to. I couldn't take the new things without first putting down some of the old ones because my hands could only carry a finite amount.

At frozen Lake Como, about 10 miles south of Hamilton, MT
Today, I went down to Hamilton to visit a very talented and creative friend there and see her tiny house and studio. While there, I also visited Lake Como and walked around the shores of the reservoir and on the "beach". It really was quite spectacular and will be well worth another visit when the water isn't frozen.