Saturday, March 17, 2018

254 - The job continues

Bouncing from 405 to 243 to 288 and to 254 lbs
Sometimes, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. Here, we can see when I started this adventure - way back in June 2015 - at 405 lbs. Throughout 2016 I lost an average of ten pounds a month. I moved house at the beginning of 2017 and regained about 45 lbs. Since moving again, I've managed to lose 34 of those pounds again. This morning I was at 254.4 lbs (115.4 kg)

Even without constantly checking on the weighing scales, I can tell I'm losing weight and inches because the new pants (trousers) that I had to buy before Christmas (because my old one no longer fitted) are now almost comically too big for me. The new belt I had to buy, which had 5 holes, is also being secured ... not in the fifth hole, or the fourth, or the third, but now comfortably in the second.

I'm once again able to wear clothing that I haven't worn in many months (in some cases, many years!) When I do go clothes shopping again someday, I'll be shopping in the "normal" fashionable stores, not in the "big and tall" fat people's stores.

Even my co-workers at my new workplace - where I've only been working for seven weeks - have noticed that I look slimmer.

I still have some objectives to work on and some intermediate goals to reach:

  • reaching 243 lbs [where I was when I last left Missoula, 15 months ago], 
  • being under 100 kilograms (220.4 lbs), 
  • under 200 pounds, 
  • then my big goal - reaching 178 pounds)

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