Thursday, June 21, 2018

265 - Fractured humerus update and some 2020 clarity

Despite some good hikes (between 3 and 8 miles long) on some of the Missoula area's many trails, and mostly good eating habits, the scales haven't budged at all, remaining steadfastly at around 265 lbs. The terrain and weather conditions have been almost perfect - not too wet or too hot or too cold. The only bad thing was about two weeks ago when there were MILLIONS of mosquitoes (only a slight exaggeration).

My arm is healing nicely, if a little too slowly for my liking. I'm being frustrated by the parlous state of the American health and insurance systems. For someone whose early training and career were in the British health service, and who is passionate about health, I don't think I could work in that sector again. I'd be pulling out what little hair I have left! The bones in my arm are well aligned and fusing together nicely. I am no longer wearing a sling on my arm. Now it's time to work on rebuilding the tendons and muscles so that I can regain the full strength and range of motion that I had before.

Slowly, day by day, there are small improvements. Simple things like sleeping on my side (which I prefer) were not possible immediately following the accident. Now I can sleep on my right side as well as my back, which means that I no longer have to sleep in my recliner in the living room but can sleep in my bed at night. I can scratch my own nose with my left hand, which I couldn't two weeks ago. I can lift my arm to about a 45° angle, which is forty-five degrees more than three weeks ago (but still not the 180° - straight up - that I can lift my right arm). I start physical therapy tomorrow for approximately six weeks. By the end of it I'm expecting a number of outcomes:

  1. to be able to ride my motorcycle again! 
  2. to be able to tie my own apron strings behind my back again at work
  3. to be able to drink from a cup with my left hand without looking like a T Rex
  4. to be able to scratch the top of my head with my left hand, and 
  5. to be able to sleep on my left side. 
The orthopedic specialist thinks it'll be early August before I reach these goals. I'm shooting for the end of July! 

The extra downtime that I've had to endure have given me an opportunity to think about priorities for the next two or three years. 

... to be continued ...

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