Saturday, March 10, 2018

255 - Leading a full and busy life

255.4 lbs (115.9 kg)
After a few more days of careful eating and a pleasant (if very muddy) hike in the Blue Mountain Recreation Area, I was thrilled to discover that I am down to 255.4 lbs as of yesterday morning. When I'm not working, I try to fill my day with fulfilling activities and I try to plan some fun physical activities for my two days off each week. After snowshoeing in Lost Creek state park and the Garnet ghost town recently, it will so be warm enough to get my bike out and start cycling again. Various mountains in Missoula's five valleys are calling out to be climbed, and the outdoor camping season will be here very soon. On top of that, I do need to get going on my quest to find a T'ai Chi instructor. It's all "go"!

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