Thursday, September 08, 2016

278 - one hundred pounds left to lose

277.8 lbs (126 kg)
The good news continues! For those who don't know, or who haven't read the beginning of this blog (almost a year ago), I started this journey 15 months ago at 405 lbs. This morning I was at 277.8 lbs (127 lbs less). My ultimate goal is to reach 178 lbs (81 kg). 

For the first time in many years, my BMI (body mass index) is below 40 (39.9). I know, it's still way too high, but I'm working on it with a plan that I know works. 

Thanks to the useful Internet Wayback Machine (, I was able to find a single snapshot of my old website from 10 years ago (June 16th, 2006). At that time, I had just moved back to England for a year, and was starting from 353 lb. Later on (March 2007), I would eventually reach about 270 lbs or so,... a weight I managed to maintain (within 10 lbs) for the next three years. 

Here's the entry from June 2nd, 2006:
"At my last weigh-in on April 19th (yes, it's that long ago), I weighed 352 lbs. Today I went to the doctor as part of their new patient registration process. My pulse rate was down a couple of points, my BP was a shade lower than it has been, and my weight was... 
343 pounds (155.6kg) 
So, the combination of walking (oh boy, have I been walking!!) and good diet have paid off. I have blisters on my feet right now, but I'm prepared to suffer if it'll enable me to continue losing weight at that rate."
SO, now the challenge is to keep up the good work. Onward and downward!!

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