Friday, March 04, 2016

Elevation training - no gym required (PCT d - 75)

It'll soon be the second anniversary of my joining one of the local gyms in town. That will be the subject of another blog post. As my contractual obligation draws to a close, I'm looking at ways of getting the same (or better) workout for free (versus c. $50/month at the health club). With less than 11 weeks until my Oregon trip, I'm also wanting to get more practice at climbing hills. So, I have a route that I have walked a couple of times now that goes around my South Hills neighborhood,

2.4% average grade over 1.25 miles
up and over Buttercup Hill, right outside my apartment. The elevation goes from about 4150 feet up to 4420 or so, a good challenge. I've been carrying my backpack, laden with about 15 lbs worth of gear to begin getting used to the sorts of loads I'll be carrying on my 100 mile hike in May. Eventually, I'll increase that load to about 25 or 30 lbs in the coming month or two. So far, everything feels good.

This Sunday I have ambitiously schedule two different hilly hikes, including one to the top of Mount Ascension.

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